Peachy is a foodie mommy! She has two daughters named Purple Skye and Periwinkle Moon. She is a wife to a loving husband who she fondly calls Peanut Butter.
Peachy started blogging in 2005. This was her way to de-stress and to immortalize her thoughts, feelings and everything that’s happening in her life. The Peach Kitchen is about her adventure in and out of the kitchen, as she came from a family who knows how to cook good food. This foodie by heart has been tasting and smelling soul food since birth and she wanted to see if she can cook their old recipes herself. The blog is about discovery of one’s self through cooking. She’s a self-taught cook and baker. Everything she makes, she gauges through her taste buds.
Other people collect stamps, other people collect antiques, wines and cars — Peachy collects photos of food she has eaten and made through her blog.

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