Faye (Ms. Sophisticated), Vivian (Mrs. Domesticated) and Camille (Ms. Provinciated), the personalities behind The Soshal Network, are lawyers specializing in different fields with different personalities, interests and lifestyles that share some of (what they believe are) the truly meaningful things – our love for life, family, learning, and of course, humor.
TSN, in lawyer speak, stands for “Transcript of Stenographic Notes”, which is basically a piece of written document that contains verbatim of all statements expressed during an official court hearing or meeting. The original plan for TSN was supposed to be just that – a Transcript of Stenographic Notes of their conversations. It then evolved into writing their own life stories even outside the (literal) legislative world.
You can easily have an idea about the things that each of them talks about based on their call-tags:
Domesticated talks from the point of view of a mom, a wife and a daughter – and a full-time working lawyer, as she survives all the pull-your-hair-out adventures.
Provinciated regales us with stories of life in her town of BacCav (Bacoor, Cavite), her incredibly quirky family, and her new found love life.
Sophisticated raves about things she’s seen, heard or experienced while traipsing around the city, doing her own thing, meeting new people and living life like it’s a never-ending party.
A virtual transcript about lifestyle, entertainment and humour blog – yup, that’s The Soshal Network. Their dear readers pretty much know what to expect from TSN: all fun, fearless, glamorized, occasionally stressed-out, and fierce madness (whatever that means). The famed trio is just a bunch of ladies being true to themselves and sharing their stories and experiences which they think other people can relate to. Their stories, funny as they can be, may actually have some valuable lessons or morale to them (after all, a little humor won’t hurt).

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